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On Jumaada al-THaany 24th, 1424 A.H. (23/8/2003) I've written conv_ara_html, a utility that converts arabic numeric character references into arabic characters in order to minimize the size of arabic HTML documents.

On Raby` al-Thaany 15th, 1423 A.H. (26/6/2002) me & a friend of mine, Ahmed Morgan, submitted an ARM processor project.

On RamaDHaan th., 1421 A.H. (30/11/2000), written licq2micq a utility that converts LICQ's contact list to an mICQ contact list.

On SHa`baan 26th., 1421 A.H. (22/11/2000), written lynx2links a utility that converts between 'lynx', 'links' & Netscape bookmarks.

On Ragab 8th., 1421 A.H. (6/10/2000), I finished writting ppp-counter, a utility that logs ppp activity and then calculates the phone usage.

On Raby` al-THaany 1st., 1421 A.H. (3/7/2000), me & 2 other students (Khaled Salama & Yasser Abdel_Moniem) have submitted our graduation project, ATROS, an ATM Routing Simulator software.

On MuHarram 17th, 1421 A.H. (22/4/2000): finished writting the first release of epromtg & lfsr. An EPROM programming table generator & an LFSR/BILBO signature generator for a function implemented by the user.

On SHawwal 3rd, 1420 A.H. (10/1/2000), written a Netscape to Pine address book converter NStoPine. 9 days later linuxberg.net has given this utility a rating of 4.

Safar 18th to Jumaada al-awal 28th, 1420 A.H. (3/6/1999 to 9/9/1999), worked as a webmaster on a Linux machine using the Apache 1.3 webserver, where I have written some CGI scripts & other simple programs for Linux:

A web counter CGI script written in C++.
A pipes example in C & C++.
A guestbook CGI script written in C++.
A feedback system CGI script written in C++.
Ants Alarm v1.0.

On MuHarram 16th, 1420 A.H. (3/5/1999) me & a friend of mine, Ahmed El-Sayed Mansour, finished a digital clock mini project.

On January 1999, I finished a software (mStock v1.0) to manage the stock of hardware shops, click here to download... (1.6 MB)
Requirements : Win9x, 3 MB of hard disk.
Source code will be published soon insh'Allah...

I've been an intern in Egypt Air in summer 1998, click here to see my report.

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