lynx2links is a program that converts bookmark file formats between lynx, links and Netscape bookmarks.

News: version 1.1 is released. Read the file NEWS for details.

Obtaining lynx2links:

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License, read the file COPYING for details.

You can get 'lynx2links' from the following sites :
Ants (only available when I am online)


Please see the INSTALL file for installation details.


lynx2links [input file type] [input filename] [output file type] [output filename]

file types are either :
   -links: for a 'links' bookmark file.
   -lynx: for a 'lynx' bookmark file.
   -ns: for a 'Netscape' bookmark file.


Ahmed El-Mahmoudy
URL 1:
URL 2: (this site only works when I'm online)

The code for this program has been written using lpe