NStoPine v1.0, a program to convert Netscape's (.ldif) address book to Pine's address book.

Getting the software:

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License, read the file COPYING file for details.

You can get the alarm program from the following sites :
Ants (only available when I am online)


1. edit the DIR entry in the Makefile to suit your needs.
2. type: make
3. (usually this should be done as root), type: make install
4. optional, type: make clean


nstopine <ldif-file> [<pine-file>]

    ldif-file : input Netscape (.ldif) address book filename.
    pine-file : output Pine address book filename.

To do:

1. Decrypt mult-line fields in the Netscape address book.


Ahmed El-Mahmoudy
Email: aelmahmoudy@users.sourceforge.net
URL 1: http://ptgnlfsr.sourceforge.net/aelmahmoudy/
URL 2: http://ants.dhis.net (this site only works when I'm online)

The code for this program has been written using lpe