Ahmed El-Said Atef El-Mahmoudy

Personal Information
Marital Status : Married    
Military status: exempt from military service.
Address : 11a Adly Kafafi St.
          Heliopolis, Cairo 11361
Email : aelmahmoudy@users.sourceforge.net
Telephone : + 20 (2) 26323215, + 20 (2) 26334980
Cellphone : + 20 (11) 1377183
Fax : + 20 (2) 26382927
Homepage URL : http://aelmahmoudy.users.sourceforge.net/electronix

Work experiences

January 2009 - NOW: Digital design engineer at a startup company.

November 2005 - January 2009: Digital design engineer at SySDSoft, where I worked on several projects:

May 2003 to October 2005: Working in the National Authority for Remote Sensing & Space Sciences (NARSS), in the on-board computer team.

January 2003 to April 2003: Lab assistant in ITI (part time job), where I gave sessions in Digital simulation & Analog simulation courses, in which students were to develop a digital simulator software & an analog simulation software.

October 2002 to May 2003: giving FPGA Advantage, IC-Station, Expedition PCB, DFT Advisor & FastScan courses in Cairo University High Technology Center (CUHTC).

March 2001 to September 2001 : working as a network support engineer in Systems Engineers of Egypt (SEE).

July 1, 1998 to September 17, 1998 : Trainee at Egypt Air, where I gained experience on telephone systems, wireless telecommunications, mainframes & avionics.
The report is available at : http://aelmahmoudy.users.sourceforge.net/electronix/egair/index.htm.

February 1998 : Trainee at InterAct Computer Center for 3 weeks, gained experience on computer maintenance.


    Diploma in VLSI Design & EDA tools development
    A 9 month program offered by ITI & Mentor Graphics Egypt.
    Graduation date: July 2002. (Rated the first)

Graduation project: Design of an ARM processor using VHDL and implementing it on Xilinx FPGA. Through this project I gained experience on using ModelSim VHDL compiler/simulator, Leonardo Spectrum synthesizer & Xilinx Foundation placement/routing tools. Also I gained knowledge about modified Booth algorithms in order to implement the Booth multiplier.
[URL: http://aelmahmoudy.users.sourceforge.net/electronix/arm/].

   Helwan University
    BSc in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
    Years completed : 5 years.
    Graduation Year : 2000.
    GPA : 74.19 % (Good) - Project grade : Excellent.

Graduation project: Adding multicast routing support to an ATM Routing Simulator (ATROS) using C programming language. In this project I gained experience on writing event triggered simulators. Also I gained experience on using the gcc compiler & gdb debugger. The software size was 15459 lines of code.
[URL: http://aelmahmoudy.users.sourceforge.net/electronix/atros/].

   High School (Egyptian High School Diploma)
   Manor House School

Other activities

Involved in packaging software for Ubuntu & Debian linux distributions. Also working on Sabily distribution.

April 22nd, 2000: Completed the first release of 'epromtg & lfsr'. An EPROM programming table generator & an LFSR/BILBO signature generator for functions implemented by the user. [URL: http://ptgnlfsr.sourceforge.net or http://aelmahmoudy.users.sourceforge.net/electronix/ic.html].

July 3rd to mid September 1999: Worked as an administrator on a Linux machine http://ants.dhis.org (only available when I am online), where I gained webmaster experience using Apache 1.3 webserver, where I have created some CGI scripts & other simple utilities for Linux. [Those utilities & CGI scripts are available at : http://aelmahmoudy.users.sourceforge.net/electronix/linux/].
Also gained experience in configuring Linux operated machines, including the configuration of several services like ftp, web, secure shell (SSH) & mail services.


RTL languages: Verilog & VHDL.

EDA Tools: ModelSim, Synopsys tools (Design Compiler, PrimeTime, Formality), Leonardo Spectrum, Precision Synthesis, FPGA Advantage, QuartusII, Xilinx ISE Foundation, MaxPlus, Expedition PCB, Seamless, Design Architect, IC station, DFT Advisor, FastScan.

Programming Languages : C, C++, Shell scripting, Perl scripting, Tcl scripting, CGI scripting, PHP. Also familiar with Visual Basic, Z80, 80x86 and 8051 assembly languages.

Other Skills : Matlab, VHDL-AMS, MySQL database, HTML authoring, computer maintenance.

Languages :

Language Spoken Read/Write
Arabic Fluent Fluent
English Good Fluent
French Weak Fair

References : references are available upon request.

Original URL : http://aelmahmoudy.users.sourceforge.net/resume.html

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